Khairun-Nisa Eye Hospital

let's eliminate blindness


Quality Eye Care Services  for all


Khairunisa Eye Hospital is a project of K&N’s Foundation.  We are committed here for the provision of Quality Eye Care on charitable, non-profit basis, without any discrimination of colour cast or creed and especially focussed for those who have financial barrier to access such services.


To see Khairunisa Eye Hospital as a leading charitable, quality eye care providing and human resource development facility of the country.

To provide quality and affordable eye care for all on purely humanitarian, non religious, non political and non discriminatory basis regardless of their paying capacity.

Background of the Vision and Mission

According to global estimates published by international association of the prevention of blindness ( ) figures. of 2015,  about 75 % of the visual impairment and blindness is curable. By far the major burden lies in under-developed world such as ours. Vast majority of our populace do not have access to basic health or eye care.

Major cause of decreased vision can be cured by simple eyesight testing and dispensing appropriate glasses. More than a billion people in the world need suitable reading glasses only Hence the most common cause of visual impairment and blindness, is uncorrected refractive errors. Correct assessment and prescription of glasses is all that it takes to cure the disability. Worst affected in the category of visual impairment are school going, silently suffering school going children because they do not generally complain.

Second most common cause of curable blindness is cataract and this will have to be dealt with by increasing our Operating Capacity many folds, hopefully through creating a bigger and better hospital. The same needs to be done at all levels across the length and breadth of the world, developed and underdeveloped alike.


MESSAGE of the CEO - K&N's Foundation

K&N’s Foods (Pvt)Ltd. Is dedicated to provide health and happiness to the nation. In order to pursue the objective, it has established K&Ns Foundation. We are funding charitable organisations engaged in the field of health and education.

Khairun-Nisa Eye Hospital was established in cooperation with Vision Trust, to fulfill the above mentioned objective and has over last four years since is inception made significant progress in realisation of these goals. I congratulate the management for successfully acquiring ISO 9001:Quality Management System Certification last year. A cornerstone in our resolve of not compromising the quality of service.

I feel satisfied to see that so far, Khairun-nisa Eye Hospital, has seen more than 70,000 patients, and more than 15,000 persons have been operated upon so far, and counting. I also feel good to see the quantum of free eye care, like, free glasses, free medications, free general eye surgeries, free special investigations, free labs and highly specialized and sophisticated eye surgeries not available at many places and beyond the reach of ordinary people for their high cost and fees, are also provided on very low or free of charge basis.

I welcome the recent initiative of community outreach program of School Eye Health Services, under the same umbrella. I hope and wish success for Dr. Mazhar Awan, a mission driven and dedicated person in his endeavours of fighting and preventing curable blindness.  It’s a pleasure to be working with him.

Together we hope to contribute in our own ways, towards a healthier, progressive and prosperous future of nation in special and a better world in general.

Khalil Sattar

CEO - K&N's Foundation


Message of CMO - Khairun-Nisa Eye Hospital


My fight to cure blindness commenced on the day I chose ophthalmology as my field of specialization, soon after my graduation back in 1982.  The turning point in my practice however came 21 years later in 2003, when I decided to dedicate the remaining career full time in service of less privileged. Those who don’t have financial means for decent eye care or access to what present day science and technology can offer in this regard.

My humble but consistent start was from a small first floor residential flat in karachi, where I relentlessly served for about 12 years albeit on a humble scale. Time came when we needed to expand our service base and intake/output capacity. In 2016, courtesy of Mr. Khalil Sattar CEO K&N’s Foundation, we shifted over to his ancestral home and had it converted into an eye hospital. We named it Khairunisa Eye Hospital in loving memory of his deceased mother. Here by the grace of Almighty the scope as well as our service base increased by leaps and bounds.

We do not want to slow down or stop here but hope and pray to carry-on this mission forward. We would like to grow into a bigger and better, state of the art and internationally accredited purpose built eye care and teaching facility with its doors always open and accessible to less fortunate and less privileged as well as the fortunate few, without any discrimination or compromises in the quality of service.

Now as an ISO:9001 2015 QMS Certified organization we have also taken humble steps towards community outreach programs of School Health Services for our future generation and hence contribute towards making Pakistan and this world a better place.

Dr Muhammad Mazhar Awan

CMO – Khairunisa Eye Hospital